Speech patterns can show warning signs for diseases, such as dementia. We’re building tools to detect signs of disease earlier, based on your speech.

Why participate:

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Advance health research

The available assessments for neurological and psychiatric diseases can be complex, long and can be stressful. We are building better tools so that we can identify risk for disease more quickly and track them more accurately. This will allow people to take a proactive stance against illness and enable researchers to better understand mental health and disease.

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Support innovative science

Your help will be contributing to an effort to bring innovative technology to health care and research. Winterlight Labs was founded upon research from the University of Toronto and has been fortunate to gain support from institutions and private companies throughout Canada and the United States. Join us in advancing digital health innovation.

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We value your time

Our research studies are easy to participate in. For our studies you will be asked to make speech recordings on a smartphone or tablet and fill out some questionnaires. You will be compensated for your time.

Healthy Aging Study

Your help is needed in the fight to overcome Alzheimer’s Disease. We’re building an automated speech assessment to detect and monitor dementia. In order to do so, we need lots of data from healthy people to understand what healthy aging sounds like.

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Remote Depression Study

Finding the right medication for depression can take a long time. We need your help to make this process more efficient. We’re researching how your voice might help give insight into your mental health.

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