Winterlight Labs’ Liam Kaufman quoted in The New York Times

TORONTO, February 21, 2019

The New York Times published an article which describes how emerging AI technologies might transform patient care, by detecting diseases earlier and indicating whether drug treatments are working in real-time. Winterlight Labs and its technology are featured here to demonstrate the potential of voice analysis in detecting and treating clinical conditions. Winterlight Labs CEO and co-founder, Liam Kaufman, is quoted and he reveals recent improvements in Winterlight Labs' ability to predict Alzheimer’s Disease.

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About Winterlight Labs

Winterlight Labs is commercializing a proprietary language-based diagnostic system that analyzes natural speech to detect and monitor dementia, Alzheimer’s, aphasia, and various other cognitive conditions. Winterlight's scalable platform uses short recorded speech samples to analyze hundreds of linguistic cues, and can detect dementia and other conditions with a high level of accuracy. This is a major improvement over current pencil-and-paper tests which are time-consuming, costly, and difficult to administer. The platform has applications in drug trials, long-term and primary care, and speech-language pathology.

Since its founding, Winterlight Labs has seen strong interest from pharmaceutical companies and other potential partners who view the technology as a major improvement over current methods of detection or screening. The company has gained support from the pan-Canadian AGE-WELL Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE), the Ontario Brain Institute, Ontario Centres of Excellence, and the University of Toronto Banting and Best Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. For more information, visit

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