About Winterlight Labs

We want to improve the lives of people with dementia and psychiatric illness. To do this, we’re building better, more sensitive tools that will allow us to track, screen for and predict the onset of these diseases more accurately.

Image of brain

Winterlight Labs was founded in 2015 in Toronto, Canada by Frank Rudzicz, Katie Fraser, Liam Kaufman and Maria Yancheva. Our team of experts specializes in computational linguistics, cognitive neuroscience, and machine learning. We have developed a proprietary, tablet-based technology that assesses cognitive health (including memory, thinking, and reasoning) by analysing hundreds of language markers from short snippets of speech.

Meet the team

Aaron Rambhajan
Junior Software Engineer, Full Stack

Andrea Nava-Barrios
Operations Manager

Aparna Balagopalan
Research Engineer, Machine Learning

Aysen Armagan
Senior Software Engineer, Full Stack

Azi Shams
Clinical Research Associate

Bill Simpson
Senior Director, Clinical Operations

Brian Diep
Intern Software Engineer, Machine Learning

Celia Fidalgo
Senior Product Lead

Danielle DeSouza
Scientist, Psychiatry

Denisha Kathiriya
Clinical Research Coordinator

Gillian Kafka
General Counsel & CPISO

Ian Loblaw
Senior Software Engineer, DevOps/Compliance

Jekaterina Novikova
Director, Machine Learning

Jennifer Ruan
Intern Software Engineer

Jessica Robin
Director, Clinical Research

Jordan Ponn
Senior Software Engineer

Liam Kaufman
CEO & Cofounder

Malikeh Ehghaghi
Intern Software Engineer, Machine Learning

Maria Yancheva
CTO & Cofounder

Mary Spear
Operations Coordinator

Mashrura Tasnim
Intern Software Engineer, Machine Learning

Megan Wang
Clinical Research Coordinator

Melisa Gumus
Research Analyst

Mengdan Xu

Michael DiBernardo
Vice President, Engineering

Nicola Johnson
Senior Manager, Business Development

Rachel Kindellan
Associate Product Manager

Rachel Newsome
Product Manager

Sara Gluchowski
Head of Clinical Operations

Sasha Sirotkin
Head of Engineering

Shirin Nassiri
Project Manager

Valerie Closson
Clinical Operations Manager

Meet the Advisors

Andrea Iaboni
Scientific Advisor

Geriatric Psychiatrist and Clinician-Scientist, Toronto Rehab Institute

Frank Rudzicz
Cofounder & Scientific Advisor

Scientist, St Michael's Hospital

Jed Meltzer
Scientific Advisor

Neurorehabilitation Scientist, Baycrest Centre