Senior Care

Identify the retirement home residents at risk of losing functional independence and provide care when it is most needed and has the greatest impact on their health

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“Being part of co-developing this app has made me feel like I’m in control of my life and how I age”

Joan, a resident at Revera

“All residents were able to complete the assessments relatively quickly, even on days in which they felt more confused or had difficulty communicating.”

VHA Home Healthcare: Sonia Nizzer, Research Associate

“It’s difficult to detect early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. If we use something like Winterlight, we can take early steps to manage the resident’s case which would allow the resident and their family to feel more in control.”

Charlene Parish, Director of Health and Wellness, Revera Leaside

Why measure cognitive health?

We all know about loss of independence due to dementia. But seniors with even mild cognitive impairment are at risk of falling or developing serious complications in cardiovascular health. This is because even mild cognitive deficits reduce a senior’s ability to care for themselves, especially if they need treatment for heart conditions or diabetes.

How it works

1. Complete the assessment

The resident will do simple verbal activities that take 5 to 10 minutes, such as describing a picture on an iPad screen. All assessment instructions, data storing, and analyses are provided by the iPad app, so the caregiver only needs a brief training to administer the assessment.

Illustration of man speaking to the winterlight iPad app

2. Upload your health data

We collect existing health records, such as data from the resident’s past needs assessment. Using these records, we first assess the capability of your health data to provide predictive analytics for each resident.

Illustration of data being saved to the cloud

3. Get actionable insights

With sufficient health and speech data, we can identify which residents are at risk of cognitive and functional health decline and help you provide care when and where it is most needed. If you use electronic health records (EHR), we can directly transfer the cognitive assessment and predictive analytics data to your EHR system.

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Benefits of our assessment

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Identify residents at-risk

Residents in assisted and independent living facilities can have multiple comorbidities that interact and reduce their functional independence. Our assessment will help you identify the specific risk factors that lead to functional decline and provide proactive care when and where it is most needed.

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Maintain resident independence longer

Identifying the specific risk factors will allow your care team to revise the seniors’ care plan, provide greater social support and interventions to reduce falls, risk of cardiovascular events and hospital readmissions. This will reduce overall costs and allow you to better schedule staff placements.

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An easier care process

Our assessment is fast and easy-to-administer. This reduces the stress related to the assessments required as part of continuous care. The iPad App ensures that is easy to deploy and it provides a consistent, objective way to assess residents across multiple assisted living and independent living facilities.

Free Trial

The Winterlight Assessment is free for 6 months, for the first 50 residents in your retirement home. Your staff will be provided with an iPad that contains the Assessment App and the necessary 15 minutes training that takes to administer the assessment. Contact us to discuss eligibility. Your assisted or independent living facility must be located in Canada or the United States and must have completed an assessment of needs within the last year.